XRPL Validator Nodes

We are now selling pre-configurated XRPL validator nodes including set up consultancy.

Low-Cost Pre-Configured Validator Node Computer. Run it from your home and secure the ledger.

A validator node is now available and easy-to-use – you’ll be validating straight out of the box!

Be part of the community that works together to secure the XRPL for minimal cost. A robust workstation computer, preconfigured with Ubuntu and the most recent Ripple software. This is simple to use – all that is required on your end, is a reliable fiber-optic internet connection.

The cost includes a two hour consultation with our tech team designed to get you set-up and link the validator to your own domain, instructions regarding router, firewalls etc.

Why purchase and install a validator node?

Validator nodes become responsible for verifying, voting on, and maintaining a record of transactions. Validator nodes underpin the security of any blockchain  network.


  • 2 Hours consultation for final setup
  • A tweet from the official XRdoge Twitter account (42k+ followers) to advertise your achievement and to congratulate you for maintaining and strengthening the XRP Ledger!
  • Xeon CPU 10 core
  • 64gB DDR4
  • 2x 256 SSD raid 1
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Ripple Software
  • Advice concerning upkeep

For more information or to have any questions you may have answered, please email: [email protected].

You have the option to pay in XRP. Please email: [email protected] to arrange. 

Ripple Validator Node