XRdoge(XRDOGE) Enters the BTR Vote with 100,000,000 XRDOGE Staking Rewards on Nov 5

Another opportunity to shape the future is arriving in your lap, as on Nov 5 at 11:00 UTC we will be launching a new round of BTR Voting where you can bring XRdoge(XRDOGE)  to Bitrue using your BTR holdings!

XRdoge(XRDOGE) : Meme coin for the XRP army. XRdoge is the original meme coin on the XRP ledger. We seek to combine the power of memetics with the unparalleled utility of the XRPL. We seek to showcase the power of the XRPL by developing the use case using memes, apps , pay portals and anything else you can imagine.

When the vote ends, the staking period will begin. For every day that your BTR remains staked you will continue accruing rewards, which will all be paid out in one lump sum at the end of the staking period. You can unfreeze your BTR earlier if you wish, but you will receive fewer rewards as a result. Staking for this coin will last for 7 days, and the total prize pool going out to all participants is  100,000,000 XRDOGE.

Deposits for XRDOGE (XRPL Network Supported) will available on Nov 5, and if it win the BTR vote it will start trading with a USDT pair very soon.

BTR Voting is available in the Bitrue app, available to download on both Android and iOS, or use the newly launched web version. Just tap on the BTR Vote icon on the homepage, then select the coin that you wish to support. If you want to maximize your rewards and support new projects as much as possible, you can purchase BTR on the Bitrue exchange.