Brand new! The XRDOGE team are based in the UK and the US but we love our Filipino XRDOGE army, and we’ve really had a lot of engagement with the Filipino community. As such we now have a dedicated XRDOGE Filipino Twitter! TO the Moon !

KEEP 24th October airdrop date in your calendar! 

Sign up for air drop using this link . Hurry ! the drop is on the 24th of the month! 

A treat for the XRP army, and a meme coin to show the rest of the world the speed and utility of our beloved XRP!

 The XRP army has hodl’d longer than anyone in the crypto space. We have waded through the blood and bones of of FUD, price suppression and conspiracy.

Every day a new meme coin hits the market, and the XRP army are led away to the Boomer tech of the mining world or the shitcoin ripoff ERC-20 .

Not anymore, get in on the meme bags, on the lightning fast XRP ledger. We know how crypto should be, fast cheap and achingly cool. So let’s turn the heads of the Shiba Inu hodlers, and the Doge hodlers, and show them How a crypto meme coin is supposed to work.

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Issuing account on XRPL : rLqUC2eCPohYvJCEBJ77eCCqVL2uEiczjA